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There is no specific age to start riding dirt bikes, however, if you feel your kid is eager to ride his/her first Dirt Bike for kids then allowing them to explore is a good idea. At Kids Ride On Car, we have premium quality dirt bikes available in 50cc, 75cc and 125cc range with particular specifications for safety, skills and adventure. Each of these bikes has unique features, their riding capacity varies and is best suitable largely for young to grown-up kids.
Dirt bike is a specific type of motorbike designed with broader wheels for particularly riding over off-beaten roads, mountain trails, desert sand dunes, motocross tracks and woody areas that provide a fun-filled exciting assortment of twists, turns and obstacles. As they are light in weight, they can be handled with ease on multiple surfaces such as dirt, mud and sand.

Elevate your kids’ confidence along with their thrilling dirt bikes rides

As your young rider learns to ride a dirt bike, you will have a better idea of which type, what height and what riding capacity will work best for them. However, at the beginner level, we recommend you to buy a low-level dirt bike where kids can adapt well and get a proper grip of the bike controls and understand how it works precisely. Generally, your kid needs to feel comfortable in the bike he/she is riding and needs such a dirt bike which he/she can handle with ease. Initially, young kids want to explore and experience riding dirt bike once or may even start riding them every time which depends entirely on their choice.

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We are committed to delivering the best dirt bikes from the top brands in Australia that are recognized in giving you adventurous rides. Apart from quality dirt bikes, exclusive features and low prices, we have a unique payment service recognized as Buy Now, Pay Later. Through this payment service, we allow our shoppers to buy their desired dirt bike for kids now and Pay Later using the payment options such as Afterpay, Zip pay, Humm, LayBuy and more in easy instalments without any interest.