Baby Safety Rails

Purchase Bed Rails for your Safety from Kids Ride On Car

Babies need complete attention from the adults because they could not save themselves from any upcoming trouble as they are new to learning how to walk and usually lose balance and fall. While walking or playing, they also need someone around while sleeping because the babies often roll around in their sleep, which increases the risk of falling on the floor. So you can keep your children safe with safety bed rails from Kids Ride On Car, so your baby stays protected.


There are folding bed rail in Kids Ride On Car so to keep your baby in place. They are easy to use with all sorts of beds like cots, single beds, or double beds. They are very easy to install on the bed and can be extended to have better protection. Folding bed rail are made of high-quality polyester fabric and lightweight tubes, which is not hard for the kids, yet it stays durable against your kid’s struggle to get out of the bed.

They are suitable for kids of up to 5 years. They are easy to store because of being foldable. There is a see-through mesh so the children can see outside, and the parents and babysitters can keep an eye on the kids. You have to choose the bed rail size according to your mattress’s size, giving the required height.

Why choose from Kids Ride On Car?

The best is available at Kids Ride On Car, so you do not regret buying anything from us. There are affordable and reasonable prices available for the bed rails, so your baby stays safe. You can enjoy high-quality products, seasonal discounts, warranty, fast shipping all across Australia, and several payment methods you can choose according to your feasibility.