Balance Bike

Balance Bike
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Kids Balance Bike Ride On Toys Push Bicycle WheelsKids Balance Bike Ride On Toys Push Bicycle Wheels
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LK62 Scout 2-IN-1 Balance BikeLK62 Scout 2-IN-1 Balance Bike
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Progear Zoom Kids Balance Bike – BlueProgear Zoom Kids Balance Bike – Blue
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Progear Zoom Kids Balance Bike – PinkProgear Zoom Kids Balance Bike – Pink
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When kids start to grow, they need new toys, and they want to learn new things and explore the world. Bike riding is a healthy and playful activity which has a positive impact on their bodies and mind. But cycling is not easy for the little ones because they have to learn how to balance. For learning balance, you can buy balance bikes for kids from Kids Ride On Car.


A wishbone bike or a balance bike is an all-in-one cycle that helps little ones to learn how to walk, ride and balance. It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. A strider bike looks like a normal cycle without pedals. The children have to drag it with their legs. By using their legs, the kids learn to walk while maintaining the balance of the balance bike. Once they are proficient in riding a balance bike, they are good to ride a bicycle independently. The frame of the wishbone bike is very light-weight to suit the needs of the kids. A strider bike is available as a two-wheeler and three-wheeler. There are comfortable seats. They are only for kids and hold weight up to a limited extent. These balance bikes are recommended for kids of 18 months to 5 years.


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