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Top 5 Licensed Mercedes Kids Ride on Cars

Who on earth doesn’t want to ride a Mercedes Benz! Absolutely, Mercedes is one of the top influenced and posh brands in the world. However, the cost it offers of its stylish and luxurious cars isn’t easily affordable. But, unfortunately, the kids ride on car version of its real Mercedez car is comfortably attainable. It’s totally understandable having financial issues while buying a favourite Mercedes Benz but for that same car for your kid, you’re getting it with no worries. Manufacturers of kids electric cars are certainly making the latest model of real Mercedez cars making sure they represent the perfect replicas. Kids ride on cars, these days are in hefty demand because of the stunning design and authentic features they contain.

Mercedes as the peak car mark in the world, the brands have portrayed the same design and the same features into kids ride on car version. Considering a substantial fanbase in Australia, kids ride on cars brands are representing some greatest models they have ever made. Take a look at some stylish and deluxe cars under the list of kids ride on Mercedes cars.

Bless Your Kid with Unlimited Joy and Happiness with Stunning Mercedes Benz Beeps

Mercedes Benz GL450 SUV kids ride on car: The officially licensed Mercedes Benz GL450 is one of the stunning replicas of its original version. The GL450 looks striking with its lacquer polished design and black colour. Just like its counterpart version, the kid’s electric car includes some exceptional features like keyless start, dual horn buttons, speed control, forward/reverse switch and MP3 connectivity with built-in music tunes and stories for your kid’s endless fun and entertainment. As safety comes first, the car has installed a unique soft speed system, anti-slip tyres, stable four-wheel suspension and an adult remote override control which you can use to a quick takeover of your kid’s ride according to circumstances. No doubt, with its chic finishing and stupendous features, it makes it place confirm as one of the greatest Mercedes Benz kids ride on cars.

Mercedes Benz GL450 SUV

Mercedes Benz Licensed G65 AMG Kids Electric Car: The gypsy style G65 is officially licensed by Mercedes Benz and contain extraordinary features promising the ultimate fun ride ever. The shining lacquer paintwork suits gorgeously well on its black colour and makes the whole kids electric car captivating. For extreme fun, it has given some marvellous features like honking horn, push-button engine, flashlights and MP3 connection with audio cable which is fantastic allowing your kid to dance in the car on favourite tunes. This kids electric car complies with EN71 safety of toys and also bring some safety features like wide seat with seat belt and superlative tyres with rear wheel suspension. Surprise your kid with this classy G65 kids ride on car and watch him riding with all class and attitude.

Mercedes Benz Licensed G65 AMG

Kid’s Ride on Mercedes Benz AMG GTR: As the AMG GTR is famous for its supersport and classy design, so well-known is its replica. No kids ride on car can beat the outstanding ride the Mercedes Benz AMG GTR offer with its breathtaking glazy outline and extraordinary features, plus the safety concerns are a sure shot bonus. Same as its original version, the brand has provided genuine features such as smart keyless start, flashing headlights, music system with the latest MP3 input. Considering safety issues, the car has added an expanded seat with comfortable safety belt, electronic brake and the remote control with 20m of range. With its individual sport pattern and superb features, kids ride on Mercedes Benz stands up tall and unbeatable in the list of the best Mercedes Benz cars.

Kid’s Ride on Mercedes Benz AMG GTR

Mercedes Benz 300S kids ride on car: You may have seen the original Benz 300S and just imagine you’re owning the one but for your sweet little kid. That definitely makes sense when it comes to kids happiness. This 300S kids ride on car has its own charm representing itself as the perfect replica. Some excellent features like big fenders, bumpers, gleaming headlights & driving lights, wing mirrors and the prestigious three-pointed-star emblem help it to confirm its place in the greatest Mercedes Benz’s list. The kids ride on car has a unique music player system with an FM radio player and a different audio player which comes with a 128mb memory card to store your kid’s favourite music tunes. The safety is well-concerned with premium EVA anti-slip tyres, soft speed system and providing a remote control for an adult override. Get your kid the Mercedes Benz 300S for the greatest vintage experience ever.

Mercedes Benz 300S

Mercedes Benz ML450 Electric Car: Just open the door and your kids have a grand welcome to the greatest Mercedes Benz ride ever! Mercedes Benz ML450 kids ride on car stands out as a perfect replica containing the same dazzling outline and fabulous features. Just like the GL450 SUV kid’s electric car, it has provided a functional dashboard which contains the controls for keyless start, horn, speed control, forward & reverse and MP3 connectivity with some built-in tunes. There are some safety features like an adjustable seat belt, anti-flat tyres, four-wheel suspension and parental remote control have particularly installed concerning a kid’s EN71 safety of toys. The Benz ML450 has a powerful twin-engine also and with its unique features and magnificent look, it proves its worth as one of the splendid kids Mercedes ride on cars.

Mercedes Benz ML450 Electric Car

This is the ultimate list of the greatest Mercedes Benz replicas which contain the same design and some pretty realistic features. With any of these, you may like to buy, we assure that it will surely bless your kid with endless fun and amusement.

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