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1)Audi Q7 Black


Audi Q7 Black is one to top the list of Best Electric Car| Kids ride on cars for Kids. It Comes with integrated with an upgraded 50W twin motor; the ride on car is decorated with defined surfaces and taut lines for an athletic appeal. The lacquer finish is impeccable with the wraparound headlights and reversing lights complementing its agile looks. Inside, the lockable doors let your kid settle into its sporty seats with safety belt with ease. A well-designed dashboard puts everything in close control including the push start button, speed switch, forward/reverse lever, horn and MP3 connectivity for more music on the move in addition to its built-in tunes that sync with the flashing lights.

2)Audi R8 – Yellow


Audi R8 – Yellow comes with an integrated 50W twin motor (no less) running on two rechargeable 6V 7Ah batteries that throttle the ride on car to a top speed of 8km/h. Open the workable doors, step inside the cabin and you will be impressed with all the dash candies to make the R8 go whiz in a jiffy. With the facilities like Push-start button, forward/reverse/stop controls, speed switch, horn, lights and even MP3 connectivity it is the most beautiful kids ride in this budget. And as your kid, nestled on the large comfy seat with seat belt on, grapples with the responsive steering wheel with the pedal to the plastic, you’ll be glad to know that the top-notch rear wheels suspension and anti-slip tyres are working in tandem to make it a superlatively safe and pavement-hugging wind-in-the-hair driving experience. Naturally, if all the excitement is getting too much for mom and dad, (not your kid obviously), they can do a manual override with the remote control and calm the proceedings down.

3)Audi TT RS Roadster Black


The Audi TT RS Roadster is working like an ultimate rocket. And now, evolving from this iconic roadster is our officially Audi-licensed ride on car to let your child experience the thrill of riding this legendary set of wheels. Outside, the Roadster Ride on Car is a work of automobile art. The midnight black svelte silhouette is absolutely gorgeous with its brilliant lacquer finish. Open the lockable doors and the commanding array of controls await your child’s expert handling. MP3 connectivity gives more music options in addition to the built-in tunes while the wide sports seat with safety belt ensures your kid is well-strapped for an exhilarating ride.

4)Bentley XP12 Car – White

kids electric car

Bentley XP12 Car has integrated with 50W twin motor and the design is simply stunning with its lacquered finish. Impressive headlights and reversing lights add to its meticulous brilliance. Open the gullwing doors and your child is welcomed with a superb dashboard of convenient controls like keyless start, motion switch, speed control, horn, lights and even MP3 connectivity to supplement the built-in music and stories that will keep your child entertained for hours.

5)BMW i8 – Black

electric car for kids

With the integrated twin 35W motors BMW i8 – Black can definitely give the ride on the car a jack-rabbit start from zero to top speed in seconds. The easy-to-use dashboard features a battery level indicator, forward/reverse button, high/low-speed button and keyless start. And when your child is earnestly cruising up and down the driveway, the built-in audio system of pre-selected songs and stories will keep them entertained in tandem with the flashing lights. Alternatively, the MP3 connectivity at the controls can dramatically increase their music repertoire.
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