Affordable Quad Junior 110cc from Kids Ride on Car

The latest Quad Junior 110cc was an enormous hit on the quad marketplace, and one doesn’t have to see why with a unique, robust design! Junior Quad Bikes for sale are appropriate for adults and children between 12 and 16. A completely automated transmission with a proven start and go mechanism is a significant advantage of the Quad Junior 110cc that is extremely simple to use. The broad frame is a sturdy and safe choice for the Junior Electric Quad Bike. The Quad Junior 110cc features a changeable maximum velocity limiting screw; 15-30 mph is the average speed. The restrictor attached to the bar and maybe modified with a simple tool in a matter of seconds. A safety kill switch is also incorporated, providing added security for users. There aren’t many branded Quad Junior 110ccs on the market that offer such great value! The Junior Electric Quad Bike is also equipped with a low-noise, high-quality four-stroke engine, eliminating the need for unpleasant oil changing!

Safety Features 

  • Customization velocity restriction – provides complete peak speed parental control. 
  • No stealthy riding while you’re slumbering, detachable keys! 
  • Switch cut-off engine. 
  • The safety rope for parents. 
  • Rear chain guard bumper front.

The Junior Quad Bikes for sale, unlike other brands, have both the front and rear air suspension for improved handling and a more pleasant ride. There are no complex foot brakes to worry about because conveniently accessible levers actuate the front and rear brakes on the handlebar.

You can buy Quad Junior 110cc for your kid from Kids ride On Car at the best discounts.