Get your Very Own 49 CC farm quad bike

Here at Kids Ride on Car, we have a wide assortment of 49 CC farm quad bikes, which are excellent for travel, especially in muddy areas such as farms, hence called 49 CC farm quad bikes. Kids get the most use out of these as they are made for kids, mainly to have fun, but of course they can use these to help on the farm as well.

Excellent 49 CC farm quad bike quality!

The quality of these 49CC bikes is impressive. They can go up to 45 KM/h (depending on the terrain) and are four-wheeled. The throttle is a thumb level which makes it easier for kids to control the acceleration and deceleration of the 49CC bike. This bike is made specifically for kids, so anyone over the weight of 50 Kg might end up damaging it if not careful. Therefore this bike is excellent for any kid. The wide surface area of the tires prevents the farm bikes from sinking into mud or sand, as it spreads out the pressure evenly throughout a wide surface area. This bike can also use this bike on dunes.

We have a wide range of colors for these bikes, including black, blue, white, red, etc. You can buy anyone you and your child want. The product itself is 41 kg, so it may be hard to transport, but that is entirely up to you however you want to do it.  

Best Deals on Kids Ride on Car

Here on Kids Ride on Car, we offer customers the chance to get the product before they pay to examine it and be satisfied with it. You can take the 49 CC farm quad bike to try it out, and if you are happy with the product, you can pay right after. We also have many kinds of products in this category, so please feel free to check those out too!