Purchase 150cc Dune Buggy on Kids Ride on Car Online
If you are going on a trip to the desert, there is no better experience than driving a dune buggy. It helps you feel a cool breeze in the warm desert and gives you thrills riding up and down the smooth but uneven surfaces of a desert. Our team here on Kids Ride on Car Online know exactly how fun it is to have a dune buggy when out in the desert, and we are here to offer you a 150cc dune buggy of the best quality for you to meet your inner adventure and enjoy life to its fullest.
The 150cc Dune Buggy can travel at speeds of up to 60km/h and load up to 160kg. This is very impressive for a buggy, as they have tiny structures but are still designed to carry a heavy load while still traveling at high speeds. Our Buggy’s have a large fuel capacity of 6L which can run for long periods, so we have you covered, and you do not have to worry about putting in more fuel all the time with how hit dune buggy. It can be driven in dry sand or even desert, as the tires are wide and tall, so they will not get stuck easily in most types of terrains. Our 150cc dune buggy can hold two passengers on board so that you can drive around with your friends. This is extremely helpful because it is easy to get lost in the vast empty terrains of the desert, so it is always reassuring to have another person next to you.

Here at kids ride on car, we strive for customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer Afterpay 150cc dune buggy, which enables you to receive your product and test it. If it matches your standards, only then do you have to pay for it.