Buy Trunk Racks for your SUVs from Kids Ride On Car

The bike racks are essential for bike lovers who like to carry their bikes anywhere they want because the busy roads of Australia are not suitable for cars. You can park your car in the parking area and ride around town on a bicycle. You can also take the bicycle on your camping vacation or if you are a professional cyclist. We have various types of trunk racks at KIds Ride On Cars for our customers, so the portability of bikes can be easy.


The trunk racks are made of high construction steel, which makes them durable for long journeys. You can easily mount the bike trunks racks on the trunks of your SUV or mini cars because they have a flat rear where the trunk racks can be easily adjusted. You can also use them on other types of cars as well. There is a soft rubber on the clumps of the racks, which does not damage the bike’s appearance and keeps it protected from scratches. They can carry more than one bike so that you can carry bikes of your kids on your vehicle.  

They are fastened to the cars with the help of the straps attached to the vehicle’s body and keep it in place against the jerks and uneven roads. Once it is fastened securely, you do not have to worry about it. The trunk racks are folded into a flat and compact size for convenient storage. They are durable for a lifetime, so you do not have to purchase the new rack because they are not easily damaged. 

The bike trunks racks are easy to use, and we have the pre-installed options; you only have to fasten the straps. So, order your trunk racks now, only from Kids Ride On Car.