Hitch Racks for your Cars from Kids Ride On Car

The hitch racks are made for vehicles, so you can transport your bikes anywhere you want. You can take your bike along on vacation or to a place where there is a crowd, so you can easily make your way through the crowd because cycles are an efficient way of traveling. You can buy various types of hitch racks for your vehicles from Kids Ride On Car at affordable rates.


The hitch racks are available in various types as the cycles are different in shape, requiring different frames. The bike rack for car are also different for different kinds of cars. You can get all the variety at our store and get a suitable rack for your bikes and vehicles. We have rear-mounted and roof-mounted hitch racks for the customers.

Rear-mounted racks

Rear-mounted or truck bike rack for cars are made of high steel and with a powder-coated finish. They are attached to the rear of your vehicle. You can connect the bike hitch rack with the trunk of your vehicle, so it can easily be transported. It is easy to transport it anywhere you want. The truck bike hitch carriers are ideal for SUVs because they have a flat trunk on which the rack can be easily adjusted.

Roof-mounted racks

The roof-mounted racks are mounted on the roof of the vehicles, especially onto sedans, because they do not have a space on their trunk. They are installed onto the roof without damaging the surface of the car. It is easy to install and take off the racks from the roof. These racks can keep more than one bike at a  time. The bikes are fastened securely without damaging the bikes.