Get Bike Parking Racks from Kids Ride On Car

Parking your bike is troublesome when there are several other bikes around because you remove one, and all the rest will fall onto the ground, which will create a problem for you. Parking like this can cause damage to the bikes. So we have bike parking racks at Kids Ride On Car, which will make your life easier. They are great for commercial purposes because a mess of the bikes at the front of your store will make your place look unappealing. You can make it look tidy with our commercial bike racks.


The bike parking racks are made of high-quality steel to work outdoors that is immune to the wear and tear of the weather. They are resistant to sun and rain. The waterproof material does not let them rust. We have commercial bikes that can be installed outside your properties with the help of cement or bolts. They are available in various sizes so that you can park up to 15 bikes on the same rack. They will help to keep the commercial property look tidy and organized. They are used to fit both the narrow and wide tyre sizes because of different sizes of bars. You can also buy double-sided bike racks that will save space up to 50 percent. They are helpful if you do not have enough space outside your home or commercial property.

Portable bike racks

You can also purchase portable bike racks for our stores that can be taken anywhere you want by attaching them to your vehicle, making them easy to transport. The portable bike rack are lightweight and easy to take anywhere. These racks are foldable into a small size for convenient storage whenever you do not need them.