Carry your Bike Along with bike racks from Kids Ride On Car

While you are going camping or you are a professional bicycle rider who needs to take his bike along with him, or if you are looking for a parking bike rack, you are at the right spot where you can get all sorts of bike racks at Kids Ride On Car at the affordable rates and carry your bike easily.


The bike racs are bike storages that are available in various types, and there are various types for several purposes and according to the type of your bike. All bike racks are not the same, so you have to be sure of your requirements before buying one. Look at the types of bike rack and then place your order. 

Hitch Rack

The hitch bike carriers are mounted on your vehicle. You can either attach it to your trunk or the roof of your car. These types of bike rack should be purchased while keeping in mind the shape of your vehicle. For sedans, you can buy roof-mounted bike storage, and for SUVs, we have rear-mounted bike carriers. They are safe to transport your bike because they grip your bike, and you can fasten it with clumps without letting it fall. You can buy bike rack that can hold more than one bike.

Bike parking racks

Parking bikes are a problem because they get messy and get joined together while parking. You can buy bike storage for your homes, schools, or offices that can be attached to the ground with the help of cement or bolts. They provide permanent bike storage where you can easily store upto more than 15 bikes. It will help the parking area to look clean and tidy.