Buy 50cc dirt bikes From Kids Ride on Cars and Pay Later

Kids ride on cars that have the best 50cc dirt bikes for you if you are a fan of bikes. These bikes will make your weekends more fun as you can just take your 50cc pit bike and go for an adventure. Everything that you will need for an adventure or your kids, you will get it at kids ride on cars. 

Safety precaution for riding 50cc dirt bikes 

It is advised to always wear a helmet as you ride the 50cc dirt bikes. Also wear clothes that have full sleeves and will cover your body fully so you can be safe against injuries. Do not let you kid ride the 50cc pit bike if it is made for adults. 

Warranty and shipping

Our products come with a warranty so that you can be satisfied with your purchase. There is a 12 month warranty for most of our products. For more information on the warranty, you can check the warranty section of Kids ride on cars. We also offer shipping of our products for you. 

Payment method

Payment methods that are offered, allow you to buy the product and pay for it later. After you buy a 50cc dirt bike, you can select from the methods of payment that are available on kids ride on cars. Afterpay and ZipPay are the most common options available to kids ride on cars as they make payment easy. Choose the option that suits your needs.

Return policy

Kids ride on cars allows you to return the product if there is a fault in the product. This has to be done within 10 working days so that Kids ride on cars can proceed with your request. Our return policy is made so that our customers can be satisfied with the products that we have.